Laravel Media Library

Laravel makes it very easy to manage files – this package makes a tiny bit easier.

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📟 File sharing

Share public and private files with anyone. Comes with a basic and elegant UI.

❤ Eloquent models

Associate any file types with Eloquent models. Can also define assiociation at an attribute level with in-built object and array casts.

📜 Simple APIs

Exposed API endpoints and classes to easily integrate with any application.

📁 Directory system

A directory system and namespacing for more structured storage and visualisating files.

🔒 Secure

Public, signed, and protected endpoints for file sharing and downloads regardless of storage disks or permissions.

💪 Flexible

Configure middleware for the whole package routes or per API endpoints for fine-grained permissions and authorization.

This package is intended to provide most media related needs for any Laravel application. File uploads or attachments may be associated with any Eloquent model.

# Example Usage

Assuming files content has already been uploaded and a pending attachments has been created.

# Associate files

use MOIREI\MediaLibrary\Models\File;

[$file1, $file2] = File::take(2)->get();
$product = Product::find(1);
$product->attachFiles([$file1, $file2]);

# Use in attribute fields

During create

$product = Product::create([
    'MOIREI MP202+',
    'image' => $file1,
    'gallery' => [$file1, $file2],
    'description' => $richtext, // rich text content with <img src=".." /> attachment urls

During update

$product = Product::find(1);
$product->image = $file;


    'gallery' => [$file1],