# Notes

  • Private files/folders store in local public disks may still be publically accessible

# Attachments

All attachments a pending until persisted. If your model is setup with richTextFields defined, created attachments will be automatically detected and persisted.

# Attachables

Attachments are primarily intended for embedding images in rich-text applications.

It's assumed that an attachment is an image file. Therefore automatically persisting attachments only scans for img tags in the rich text fields. Feel free to add more regex expressions in attachments.richtext_match of your config.

# Namespacing

A Namespace value provided in the request header will automatically be used to make the request context. This means a request to access/upload files to folder products/chargers will resolve <namespace>/products/chargers as the working directory.

This is intended for multi-vendor or strict storage space applications. You can add custom middleware to the media library route to guard your users according to their workspace.